Game Update: The Adventures of Teddy Baer…

Getting the 3D modeling of the main characters has been a serious obstacle. First off, Teddy the main character seemed a little younger than I had hoped. I went back and edited his features to get a slightly older looking character, but with the same cartoon feel. It ‘s been suggested that the Nic Cardi character looks  like Nicolas Cage while on a mufti-day caffeine binge ( the rough sketches that posted are all sans upper and lower eyelids! – bug-eyed).
The town has a name,(not Smallville – that was already taken!) and a map has been completed. Points of interest will be in a legend on the map and the player will be able to click on them for direct access, after the first visit. With the amount of parks(5 total) and farmland(10 areas ) I was debating whether to put in a mini-game or skill building tasks. The way this is working out, the parks will be the skill building sessions, and the farmland will be various mini-games. Things like an obstacle course that Teddy will have to navigate using his scooter(skate park). For completing the course in the allotted time, Teddy will be faster on the scooter. A second skill builder will be throwing rocks at crows in Mr Myer’s farm. Completing that will give a bonus to Teddy’s throwing accuracy, along with the scooter challenge, once both are completed, Teddy will be able to defend himself with newspapers while riding the scooter. The use of the sling-shot will be an upgrade from throwing newspapers. Teddy will also get some type of bonus for collecting past due newspaper delivery bills, but he will have to chase down the “offenders” to collect. When Teddy is traveling through the town he will have to avoid obstacles like moving cars, delivery trucks, the mail truck, stray dogs/cats, and the occasional kamikaze crow! There will definitely be an ice-cream truck in the game, but I’m not sure if it should benefit Teddy or pose an obstacle.


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