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New Character Model: Uncle Jo Kester

I was working on this while my nephew was visiting and he always gets a laugh out of watching me setting up animation keys in Blender. A concern that I have is when my nephew said that the model looks “familiar”.

I have also just finished a 2D map of the town, Tinyville.  It has the layout of the parks, farms and buildings that will be accessible during the game.   So I’m in the process of creating scenery and buildings, while also trying to structure what types of mini-challenges and upgrades will be available at   the farms and parks.


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SImple UV mapping exercises

Just a very basic attempt at UV mapping on a very simple shape, a cylinder, which then turned into a shield and 2 render images, one in Blender and one in Meta.  Between the two, Meta took a lot less time to complete but I prefer the look of the Blender render.

Here is the Metasequoia  (ver 2.4.8) rendered image

(the scroll bars were mistakenly included)

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My apologies … about the “deformation” in the blog

First thing I need to do is apologize, about the video game poll.  It was originally one of the first posts I did using WordPress and PollDaddy.  I was under the assumption that the poll was going to by persistent on the sidebar of the blog, but when it wasn’t I tried to re-post and bring it into a current blog entry it garbled the content on the page. Again, I apologize.


I wanted an Atari, but, in having a typical  Greek father, he had never heard of video games, at that time, and refused to get the family a system. Eventually my uncle, bought a console for my older cousins, and he convinced my dad.  We ended up with an Intellivision, because my cousins were serious baseball/basketball fanatics.  I can still remember the torment I faced when my one cousin would land a reverse dunk on the basketball game.  He would chant “Clinic, by who? Dr. J” (his name was John, not Julius Erving!)

I hated those controllers!!!! button mashing those for a basketball marathon was painful on the thumbs. The characters were basic block figures but it was fun to watch the skiers and soccer player get knocked down.

Savalia Studios

I was curious to see how the results fare today, I remember back when I was about 9, with my friends we swapped 5.25 floppies with games on them.  I was even shown how to double the storage on a box of floppies using a whole puncher.  Real “state of the art” at the time.

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A step in the right direction.

One of the main things on my mind about this game idea was how the model for Teddy never looked quite right.  From the many(very many!) drawings I had tried for this character, the one where he looks slightly younger was always the one that I felt had the most potential.  It also brought better continuity to the models of the other characters.  After re-creating the model over many iterations, my concern was that Teddy’s model wouldn’t have the features that the drawing had.  I would resort to scrapping the existing model and trying to create a new one.  But this current model looks like the most promising to date.  Blender’s linking process helped speed things up considerably.  I was able to create a file with just Teddy’s accessories (glasses, cap, mailbag, scooter, etc.) and then link each new character model to that file to use those objects to see if they worked well with the model.

A comparison of the last two models gives a good sense of the direction taken so far .

Previous model

Current model


Now it’s on to materials, textures, and an armature…

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