SImple UV mapping exercises

Just a very basic attempt at UV mapping on a very simple shape, a cylinder, which then turned into a shield and 2 render images, one in Blender and one in Meta.  Between the two, Meta took a lot less time to complete but I prefer the look of the Blender render.

Here is the Metasequoia  (ver 2.4.8) rendered image

(the scroll bars were mistakenly included)

and the Blender render image.

Meta was definitely easier to produce once I got a handle on the UV mapping for it, but I still prefer Blender.  The models are identical, 8 sided cylinder reshaped to better resemble a low polygon shield.  I added  curvatures to the front and back (pushed the center vertex on the front, pulled the center vertex on the back).  In looking for images I found some interesting pictures of Medusa but not many 3D low polygon models.


By the way, if you’re a fan of mythology or just like to see some high quality artwork, check out two other WordPress blogs:

Alan Perry‘s blog: 2D minotaur

and Hellhound‘s blog: 3D minotaur

both have done renders of the Minotaur with their own interpretations.  Also, one is in 3D and the other in 2D.  Both are worth a look.


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