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My apologies … about the “deformation” in the blog

First thing I need to do is apologize, about the video game poll.  It was originally one of the first posts I did using WordPress and PollDaddy.  I was under the assumption that the poll was going to by persistent on the sidebar of the blog, but when it wasn’t I tried to re-post and bring it into a current blog entry it garbled the content on the page. Again, I apologize.


I wanted an Atari, but, in having a typical  Greek father, he had never heard of video games, at that time, and refused to get the family a system. Eventually my uncle, bought a console for my older cousins, and he convinced my dad.  We ended up with an Intellivision, because my cousins were serious baseball/basketball fanatics.  I can still remember the torment I faced when my one cousin would land a reverse dunk on the basketball game.  He would chant “Clinic, by who? Dr. J” (his name was John, not Julius Erving!)

I hated those controllers!!!! button mashing those for a basketball marathon was painful on the thumbs. The characters were basic block figures but it was fun to watch the skiers and soccer player get knocked down.

Savalia Studios

I was curious to see how the results fare today, I remember back when I was about 9, with my friends we swapped 5.25 floppies with games on them.  I was even shown how to double the storage on a box of floppies using a whole puncher.  Real “state of the art” at the time.

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