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A very informative article: The Guide to Implementing 2D Platformers

Blog: Higher-Order Fun

address for the article :

Author: Rodrigo Monteiro

Subject: An explanation of 2D platformers.

Rodrigo’s point of view for this article is from reverse-engineering the game behavior of  4 implementations of 2D platformers.  His explanations are in-depth with ample information and examples to illustrate his perspective.  My only question is, why isn’t this article on

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SImple UV mapping exercises

Just a very basic attempt at UV mapping on a very simple shape, a cylinder, which then turned into a shield and 2 render images, one in Blender and one in Meta.  Between the two, Meta took a lot less time to complete but I prefer the look of the Blender render.

Here is the Metasequoia  (ver 2.4.8) rendered image

(the scroll bars were mistakenly included)

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Worth a look … L Spiro Engine

I came across this blog while doing some research

L. Spiro is the author and she is “in the trenches”, so her experiences and observations come from a very straight forward and practical approach. She even has some tutorials posted that address handling game states from a entry level view that might help clarify some early questions.

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A serious list of free programming ebooks on stackoverflow…

I’m always on the look out for programming resources. here is the link on to a list of electronic books
(spoiler – make sure your mouse has a scroll wheel, this list isn’t a short one!) list of free ebooks for programmers

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Update: Chris Hildenbrand’s Blog – Game Art Part 5 : Animation

Chris Hildenbrand added a new blog post on the topic of animation to his Gamasutra series: 2D Game Art for Programmers, here’s the link to check it out:

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Editra: A VERY flexible and functional IDE solution for Python coding

Not too long ago, 07/23/2011 the latest release of Editra 0.6.58 was available online at . This is a great platform to use for editing Python (2.6/2.7) code or 59 other types of code you might want to write. Editra is highly versatile and extremely customizable(you can tweak literally everything about it). On the website, they refer to Editra as “A Developer’s Text Editor”, but if you add the plug-ins that are available, it becomes a very competent and flexible IDE. The program’s tag like should read: Editra A Developer’s Most Indispensable Code Editor.

Definitely worth checking out!

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How to set up SciTE 2.23 with Python 3,x

Once you have downloaded SciTE and installed it, click on its shortcut to open an editor session. Next, if you don’t have line numbers showing at start-up, click on the view menu, and then click on Line Numbers to activate. After that is done, click on the Options menu and select python properties, to get the python properties file. the lines to edit in the file are 86 AND 99, starting from line 85 this is what the code should look like:

command.go.*.py=c:\python31\pythonw -u “$(FileNameExt)” <—————————– (if your Py install is in a different location, use that between the equal sign and -u)
command.go.*.pyw=pythonw -u "$(FileNameExt)"
command.go.subsystem.*.pyw=1 –up . .

command.go.*.py=python -u "$(FileNameExt)" –up . .*.py=Syntax Check
command.1.*.py=c:\python31\python -c "import py_compile; py_compile.compile(r'$(FilePath)')" <———– (put your path between the equal sign and -c)

That's it, save the file, restart SciTE and test with a short module, and your ready to go.


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Who left the spam email back door open?

Has anyone else been getting the emails (from major corporations) about Epsilon email service provider being breached, and an undisclosed number of email addresses (the companies affected claim that only email address information was compromised?) getting exposed? Or are the email apologies the actual breach?

Ah, there is nothing like sifting through 50 to 100 emails a day from the date-sites, drug-sites. and watch knock-off sites!

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Greece – National Pride

There is a WordPress blog that is up to the minute “literally” on events in Greece.  If interested a link is available on the right.  An important note, the blog is written in Greek, but any of the translator sites can help with that.   As a side note, Google’s translation holds up better in readability and comprehension than Microsoft’s.

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