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Pygame Tutorial Update: Tutorial 4 still a WIP Tags: ,,,,

At this point we have the basis for the Python pygame model.  We have the environment(outer space) and our player with the ability to move, but not shoot (nothing to shoot at yet).  The game now looks something like this (using the more “modern” version of artwork):




But, ultimately what the window should look like, to make it more interesting and much more interactive would be something like the following mock up ( currently the game window does not look like this, but this is the intended final result). Currently I’m figuring out the GUI, I’ve gotten the furthest using Tkinter, but I haven’t gotten to the part where I can see the interaction between tkinter’s mainloop() and pygame’s mainloop().



Currently the work being done is on the GUI, to use what is available without having to include any additional install packages, this means that the GUI will be created either directly in pygame or using Tkinter(if possible). An alternate solution I’m thinking of is to create a transparent interface with SVG images and replace the option panel with that and then hardcode the buttons with pygame, but we’ll see how tkinter works out.  The actual current window looks like this:



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In the works…Python Tutorial 02: Adding the Background

In the first tutorial, we created a simple window using Python and Pygame. The next step, will be building on the previous example, to create a star field background, then write the code to animate it.

starfield background

star field background with animation

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Editra – Add the plugins and it’s a very flexible IDE (with syntax highlighting for Python)

You can find Editra at

The current version is 7.12 and it requires wxPython 2.8 to run. On my system, Editra is setup with Python 2.6 but I can run any version of Python through it (2.4, 2.6, 3.1, and even Panda 3d-Python 2.6). Where Editra really excels is by adding the optional plug-ins. Once installed, these transform Editra into a serious IDE for Python projects or simple code dissections.

Available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

The project documentation explains everything from installation and configuration to adding the plugins, and by checking you will see a list of other languages that Editra can be used to edit.

If your looking for a streamlined, functional, and flexible Python IDE, Editra is definitely worth a look.

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Editra: A VERY flexible and functional IDE solution for Python coding

Not too long ago, 07/23/2011 the latest release of Editra 0.6.58 was available online at . This is a great platform to use for editing Python (2.6/2.7) code or 59 other types of code you might want to write. Editra is highly versatile and extremely customizable(you can tweak literally everything about it). On the website, they refer to Editra as “A Developer’s Text Editor”, but if you add the plug-ins that are available, it becomes a very competent and flexible IDE. The program’s tag like should read: Editra A Developer’s Most Indispensable Code Editor.

Definitely worth checking out!

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Tools list post

Yesterday a list of programs of interest were added. Feel free to take a look. Basically it’s a list of stuff I use frequently or on a daily basis.

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