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How to set up SciTE 2.23 with Python 3,x

Once you have downloaded SciTE and installed it, click on its shortcut to open an editor session. Next, if you don’t have line numbers showing at start-up, click on the view menu, and then click on Line Numbers to activate. After that is done, click on the Options menu and select python properties, to get the python properties file. the lines to edit in the file are 86 AND 99, starting from line 85 this is what the code should look like:

command.go.*.py=c:\python31\pythonw -u “$(FileNameExt)” <—————————– (if your Py install is in a different location, use that between the equal sign and -u)
command.go.*.pyw=pythonw -u "$(FileNameExt)"
command.go.subsystem.*.pyw=1 –up . .

command.go.*.py=python -u "$(FileNameExt)" –up . .*.py=Syntax Check
command.1.*.py=c:\python31\python -c "import py_compile; py_compile.compile(r'$(FilePath)')" <———– (put your path between the equal sign and -c)

That's it, save the file, restart SciTE and test with a short module, and your ready to go.


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Tools list post

Yesterday a list of programs of interest were added. Feel free to take a look. Basically it’s a list of stuff I use frequently or on a daily basis.

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