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Jan 14

This is a rough model of a bot

Help me name this guy?



I have been working with Blender for a few years, currently using 2.49b (on the blender site they refer to it as their stable version).    The fact that the program is free and it does the job at a professional quality level, raises the question; why wouldn’t you use it? (No answer currently comes to mind.)  I was thinking of including a quick (and rough) render shot of one of the character models I am currently working on, I am also considering posting tutorials of either Blender stuff, OpenGL  prototype examples. or AI code that has been done in Python 3.2  Still haven’t decided yet.  Ahhh …  a reason to post more!

One thing I have run into is this bot ( the pic that hopefully attached to this post) has no name. Any suggestions?

Some sites that may be of interest … – Blender 3D modeling, animation, GAME ENGINE! (2.49 stable version) = Paint.NET – The paint program that SHOULD have been included with Windows
(version 3.5.6 is stable – there might be a newer one though) – Python Programming official web site. (Python 2.7 is stable, so is Python 3.1)

currently using versions 2.4(FX Composer 2.5), 2.6(Blender 2.49), and 3.1(OpenGL stuff)

Terrain image

OpenGL rendered terrain test image

The terrain render is something I was playing with, the original code for it is from,

Beginning OpenGL Game Programming” by Dave Astle & Kevin Hawkins – Chapters 7 & 9 on texture mapping.

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